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Atrium Health Pineville Journal Club: Journal Club Articles

Atrium Health Pineville Journal Club for nursing education.

January 2023

Somani, R., Muntaner, C., Hillan, E., Velonis, A. J., & Smith, P. (2021). A systematic review: Effectiveness of interventions to de-escalate workplace violence against nurses in healthcare settings. Safety and Health at Work, 12(3), 289–295.

February 2023

Kim, M. J., Bronas, U. G., Quinn, L., Sharp, L. K., Park, C., Gruss, V., & Fritschi, C. (2022). Cognitive function and self-management behaviors in older adults with type 2 diabetes. Nursing Research, 72(1), 38–48. 

March 2023

Lancaster, R., Sanchez, M., Maxwell, K., & Medley, R. (2022). Original research: Tiktok's ‘dancing nurses’ during the covid-19 pandemic: A content analysis. AJN, American Journal of Nursing, 122(12), 24–31.

May 2023

Tran, D.-M. T., St. Pierre Schneider, B., & McGinnis, G. (2021). Circadian rhythms in sudden cardiac arrest. Nursing Research, Publish Ahead of Print

August 2023

Rhéaume, A., & Mullen, J. (2017). The impact of long work hours and shift work on cognitive errors in nurses. Journal of Nursing Management, 26(1), 26–32. 

August 2023

O'Brien, M. R., Kinloch, K., Groves, K. E., & Jack, B. A. (2018). Meeting patients’ spiritual needs during end‐of‐life care: A qualitative study of nurses’ and healthcare professionals’ perceptions of spiritual care training. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 28(1-2), 182–189. 

September 2023

Waltz, L. A., Muñoz, L., Weber Johnson, H., & Rodriguez, T. (2020). Exploring job satisfaction and workplace engagement in Millennial Nurses. Journal of Nursing Management, 28(3), 673–681.