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Statewide Template #1

NC AHEC Digital Library



The AHEC Digital Library (ADL) is your portal to AHEC library services, information, and education. The ADL ensures that all providers in the state have high-quality health information readily available through a variety of membership categories, ranging from access to free resources to paid subscriptions. By using the ADL, you can get full-text journals, books, and electronic databases of the literature, as well as links to carefully evaluated health information websites and clinical and educational tools.

Please feel free to contact to learn more about membership, resources, or to request help from a librarian.

The NC AHEC Information and Library System is one of the Core Service Lines of the NC AHEC Program. For more information about NC AHEC, please visit the website at

What is in the AHEC Digital Library?

This is a list of many of the journals, books and literature search tools (databases) in the ADL. Contact if you have suggestions or feedback.