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Division of Surgical Oncology Digital Platform: Procedure Videos

Who provides these videos?

Most of these procedure videos listed in this guide are offered through Clinical Key, which is a resource provided by the Charlotte AHEC library as part of it's AHEC Digital Library (ADL) package. If you are affiliated with Atrium Health here in Charlotte, NC, you are eligible for an ADL membership. Some are offered through Emergency Medicine Guidewire, published by the J. Lee Garvey Innovation Studio in the Carolinas Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine. (No ADL logins required for the EM Guidewire site or its presentations.)

If you need an ADL account, you can fill out this form to request one.

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How do I find a specific video?

You first need to log into the ADL and find Clinical Key. Once you have Clinical Key open, look for the ellipses [...], which will allow you to pull up the "Procedure Videos" option.

In the search box, choose what type of video you are looking for. For example, if you're interested in videos on intubation procedures, simply type "intubation."

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Why can't you post a link directly to the video?

Copyright and licensing issues require Atrium Health affiliates to have a username and password to access any of the ADL databases, including Clinical Key. Unfortunately, we can't simply post a permalink directly to a video title because of how the firewalls are set up in the ADL. 

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What are the benefits of creating a Clinical Key account? 

By creating an account with Clinical Key, you'll be able to personalize your research experience. This means you'll be able to save your search histories, create image collections for export into PowerPoint slides, and save lists of procedure videos for later watching.

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Is creating a Clinical Key account free?

Yes! If you have an AHEC Digital Library (ADL) account and have access to Clinical Key in your ADL profile, you can create a Clinical Key account.

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Can I access Clinical Key off-campus or away from work?

Yes. You can access any of the databases in the ADL from anywhere you have internet access. Simply log into the ADL from your device, and if you have a Clinical Key account, you can also log in from anywhere you have internet access.

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